You’ve Been Diagnosed with CRPS/RSD. Now What?

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Woman researching what to do once diagnosed with CRPS or RSD

If you are newly diagnosed with CRPS (RSD) or suspect that you have CRPS, Here are some helpful resources for you.

RSDSA Information Packages

  • To download your free Information PackageClick Here
  • To download your free Pediatric Information PackageClick Here
  • Doctors Referral Lists. Please call the RSDSA office (877.662.7737) if you need a list of doctors in your state that treat CRPS.
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Yes You Can… Becoming Your Own Advocate
This film stresses the importance of building an interdisciplinary treatment team and of the crucial need to become your own advocate for your care and recovery.

CRPS/RSD: Update on Treatments
Presented by: Pradeep Chopra M.D., Assistant Professor (Clinical) Brown Medical School, Director, Pain Management Center, RI

CRPS: A Different Approach Extended
Presented by: Philip Getson, DO a CRPS specialist from Marlton, NJ who has treated hundreds of individuals with CRPS throughout his career. He is a member of RSDSA’s Scientific Advisory Committee.

Sean Mackey, MD, PhD
Professor of Anesthesiology at Stanford University.

Brain Retraining and Mirror Therapy – RSDSA

Coping with CRPS: Tools and Tasks for a Better Day

The experience and impact of having CRPS and the need for early diagnosis and treatment

Living With Pain, Jill Harkavy-Friedman,PhD, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Dr. Harkavy-Friedman discusses the importance of developing a tool kit for living with pain, a tool kit for strategies while in severe pain, and a safety plan. The video also talks about depression, warning signs to watch for to know if a person is a suicide risk, and what can you you do.