With your support, RSDSA has been able to accomplish these 2019 Initiatives!

  • Co-sponsored 250 children with CRPS (and other pain syndromes) and their families at The Center for Courageous Kids Camp.  This experience allowed the campers to feel like kids again for the first time since the onset of their illness. This is our 5th   Wheelchairs welcome!
  • Sponsored Young Adult retreats in New Orleans, LA and San Diego, CA for 25 young adults (aged 18-25). Many had never met anyone who had CRPS.  Friendships, ongoing networking and a young adult committee have since developed,
  • Sponsored conferences in Houston, TX and Denver, CO attended by 400 individuals with CRPS, caregivers, and medical professionals; 18 new educational videos were added to our YouTube channel. Our YouTube channel had 96,864 views and 815 new subscribers.
  • 35 individuals with CRPS received emergency funding to pay for heat and other utilities, rent, durable medical equipment, travel expenses to obtain medical care and more,
  • Answered more than 5000 emails and phone calls which poured into our office. Our compassionate staff answered questions, provided information packets and a list of knowledgeable health professionals who understand and treat CRPS,
  • Mailed 14,770 newsletters to individuals with CRPS, health professionals and caregivers three times a year. The newsletters, filled with the latest updates and inspiring personal stories, were also sent electronically 3 times a year to our online community.
  • Educated and supported the CRPS community on our Facebook page with 210 posts which reached 633,233 people and our post were shared 59 times.
  • Re-accredited our on-line course: The Only Pain Disease with Complex in Its Name: Learn about It and Treat It Well with Jay Joshi, MD. The course is for physicians and nurses.