Ways to Give

How to Conduct a Walk-a-thon for RSDSA

It is important to remember that one of your goals, in addition to having fun, is raising awareness of CRPS as well as funds.

At a walk-a-thon, participants walk at their own pace to lively music (optional) and complete as many laps as possible around a small track, park, or indoor mall in 45 minutes or so. These are not competitive events and can be enjoyed by all including individuals in wheelchairs. Participants obtain sponsors to pledge a per lap or fixed amount.

If another organization has conducted a walk-a-thon in your or a nearby community, contact the coordinator for guidance.


Keep it Fun! Make it Festive! Keep it Simple!

Get lots of help. Contact the local community service clubs such as Lions, religious organizations, Rotary, Key Club, Boy Scouts (it can be a possible Eagle Scout project), etc.

Choose a date carefully that will not conflict with an existing event.

Use a school, or park for your start and finish area. A local track is a safe site. Access to bathrooms is important. Also arrange for trash removal.

Remember to get the necessary city permits.

Try to get as much of the needed supplies donated as possible (bottled water, power bars, fruit, printing, t-shirts). Post a thank-you list of donors at the event.

In addition to a registration table, set up an information table with brochures about CRPS (RSDSA can supply brochures).

Contact local elementary schools and ask if they will sponsor a hat day (proceeds donated to RSDSA where students will pay $.50 or a dollar to wear a hat during the school day.

Contact your local newspapers, radio and TV/cable stations and ask them to help publicize or cosponsor the event. Ask if they will publish a feature on CRPS.

Arrange for a photographer for the day of the walk-a-thon.

Give each participant a pledge form and ask him or her to make their own donation first. Collect all donations and forward one check to RSDSA. The national office will send a thank-you letter to each participant.

Use the “letters-to-the editor” in the local newspapers to THANK EVERYONE; walkers, donors, helpers, etc. Using names is not necessary because the list will be very long. Thank the community for their support. This is also an excellent opportunity to remind people that they can look forward to seeing them again next year at the 2nd Annual CRPS walk-a-thon to help stop the pain.

If you have any questions, please contact Jim Broatch at 203.877.3790 or jwbroatch@rsds.insctest1.com.