Patient Advocate Foundation’s Co-Pay Relief Program: Pain Fund.

Patient Advocate Foundation’s Co-Pay Relief Program (CPR) is pleased to announce the launch of a pain fund to serve patients suffering with chronic pain, beginning on February 1, 2009. As with the Program’s existing disease silos, breast, lung, kidney, colon, pancreatic, head and neck and/or prostate cancers, malignant brain tumor, lymphoma, multiple myeloma, myelodsyplastic syndrome, osteoporosis, sarcoma, diabetes, autoimmune disorders and chemo induced anemia and neutropenia, patients must financially and medically qualify to access co-payment assistance.

Patients and providers can contact the Co-Pay Relief Program toll-free at 1-866-512-3861 to initiate a request for assistance. In addition CPR also offers providers the opportunity to enroll patients into the program through a secure web based application service. Interested patients and providers should visit the program’s website at www.copays.org to register.

Patients who contact CPR for assistance work directly with a call counselor throughout the application process to complete a pre-populated application for review and signature by the patient. The call counselor works with the patient as well as with the provider of care to obtain necessary medical, insurance and income verification in an expeditious manner. The ability to efficiently move patients through the application process to approval affords the patient the ability to utilize their healthcare coverage and obtain the therapy benefit in a timely manner for the management of their disease. Once deemed medically and financially eligible for assistance, funds can be provided directly to the insured patients’ medical and/or pharmaceutical providers. In special cases, patients may receive the funds directly.

Additionally, since office practice managers and billing coordinators continually work with patients to interpret and confirm insurance coverage levels and co-payment amounts, they can be helpful in recognizing those patients most in need of financial assistance and refer them to our program.

Further Information

PAF Co-Pay Relief Program: www.copays.org

Patient Advocate Foundation: www.patientadvocate.org