November’s CRPS Awareness Month is Fast Approaching

Published on October 24, 2018 under RSDS General Info

Written by James W. Broatch, RSDSA’s Executive Vice President, Director

I want to reissue my invitation to the RSDSA community to participate in November’s CRPS Awareness Month.

“As November’s CRPS Awareness month nears, I would like to offer our community members an opportunity to share their stories, their successes, hopes, and what ifs. We would like to share a story each day of the month on our blog and social media platforms. If you are interested, please email me at info@rsds.insctest1.com Thank you. Best of health, Jim Broatch #CRPS #RSD #chronicpain #crpshope #rsdsa Please share or Retweet.” 

So far, I have received many commitments from individuals with CRPS to share their CRPS journey narrative but few submitted stories. Flex those fingers and start writing. Please send your story as a word document with a photo (as in jpeg if desired).

Please consider participating in the many activities and events across our country planned for November.  I would like to highlight a few of the upcoming events for your consideration.

First: Color the World Orange (CTWO) is an annual event held the first Monday of November to spread awareness of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), also known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD). The fifth annual event will be held on Monday November 5.

Across the globe people with CRPS and supporters will be wearing orange, as well as planning events to spread awareness and raising funds to support research of this debilitating condition. All donations to this page will be invested in RSDSA’s research fund. CTWO does not receive any money from this fundraiser.

Color the World Orange is a day for the whole community to join together and show that even though we are in pain, we are strong!

For more information visit Color The World Orange:

Website: Color The World Orange (https://www.colortheworldorange.com/)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ColorTheWorldOrange
Email: CRPSOrangeDay@yahoo.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CRPSOrangeDay
Instagram: http://instagram.com/colortheworldorange
To Donate or Fundraise: (https://www.firstgiving.com/…/r…/Color-The-World-Orange-2018)

There are so many other events, https://www.facebook.com/pg/RSDSA/events/. Whether you live in California, New Jersey, or Florida, please get involved.

Suzanne Stewart is helping RSDSA to promote much great CRPS awareness.  Please watch this short video she has created.

Another way to make a difference is to share our free educational accredited courses for physicians, nurses, and psychologists in your community, https://rsds.insctest1.com/accredited-course-on-crps-for-mds-ph-d-s-and-rns/ and https://rsds.insctest1.com/rsdsa-pediatric-crps-accredited-online-course/. We have developed postcards which we can send to you.

If you have any other suggestions to promote greater awareness of CRPS, please email me at info@rsds.insctest1.com.



  1. Kama

    My 22 years old son has rsd. It stays in bed 99%of the time He is alone and has no activity outside the house except to go to the doctor. It breaks my heart so much. He needs to have people to talk with

  2. Doreen

    My 34 yr old son with assbergers has very severe CRPS ,both lower legs feet and left arm, As a mother I feel so helpless I just week for him, decided I need to reach out to someone. Thanks

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