Methods for Minimizing Pain Flare-Ups Survey

We asked the RSDSA community to share what has helped them to “Minimize” their CRPS pain flares and these are the responses we’ve collected. If you want to share what helped you, please email us at info@rsds.insctest1.com.

Below are are few examples of what the community shared for the full list that you can download Click Here.

  • Water therapy is my biggest source of non-medicinal pain relief.
  • Warm weather, water therapy, and keeping busy to keep my mind off the pain. Also magnesium supplements to help me sleep better. Lavender lotion at night. Plenty of rest not just sleep but relax and rest throughout the day. It’s not just one thing that helps but a lot of little things. Don’t let the pain stop you although it may slow you down.
  • I have found that having a hobby or something to be passionate about is healing. Art is my way of focusing on something other than my pain. When I am creating a new sketchbook, stitching on an art quilt, drawing graphite portraits or painting, I get into the “zone” and even though the pain is still there, it gets pushed to the background. It is important to keep moving and this is the only way I can keep going.
  • The major thing that helped tremendously was changing my diet to a whole foods, no processed food diet. Eating a plant based diet minimizes the inflammation which was huge in fighting RSD pain. I was amazed!
  • The only way that I have been able to live for 17 years with RSDS is by embracing my pain. I had accepted it with love, I do not put resistance to it. My faith in God and the belief that I am an eternal being of love. I meditate at least two times a day for 20 minutes or more and try to smile as much as possible. I have two choices, to live in pain in a bitter way or to live it being happy. I live my life happily even when the pain is at the highest level. As a clinical psychologist, I believe that science works, but there is nothing better that living in the peace of God.
  • I do not use anything for pain control. I do not drink alcohol or take drugs. I eat the best that I can work into my limited income. Breathing, meditation, tapping, enjoying nature, music, movies, art, reading; all are worthwhile activities that help bring joy and fulfillness in my life. I am most blessed with the best medical team and home health care that could ever be bestowed… and a wonderful disability advocate, friends though few, that which claim me are my greatest God-Send; my miracle hard-working Service Dog.