Event: Zumba Master Class Charity Event, Freeport, NY


Come Dance, Step and Shake! Zumba – Master Class to Benefit RSDSA!

My name is Millie Cabrera. In 2012, a bullet ricochet into my left wrist, to which I was diagnosed with CRPS, and has been one of the most difficult challenges in my life. I realized that I would have to take charge to prevent this condition from taking the best things away from me such as swimming, exercising, walking and dancing. I remember entering a Zumba class at my local gym. I was so frightened and questioned myself, “how did I think I would able to do this”. So, I entered the class and began to dance while exercising. My fear took over at one point and I began to cry as I realized my challenges but I didn’t give up. I continued to dance and asked god to please help me, which he did. I remember the instructor Christine’s smile on her face and her enthusiasm as she welcomed each and every one of us. After several classes, I approached her and told her my story. I felt such a sense of relief and support from her. I then asked her and several other instructors if they would do a Zumba Master Class to raise money for CRPS, and with no hesitation they said yes.

I encourage everyone whether you can dance or exercise or not to come to this event. Bring your family, friends, love ones, who can dance for you and let them be the voice for CRPS Awareness. We will have a live DJ, six amazing Zumba instructors, food and beverages and a raffle.

We will also have sponsors who will educate us on holistic forms of treatment. So, put on the Orange Ribbon and come have fun!!!