Event: Swimming Against the Current, Ogden, UT


My name is Konnie Parke, and I seeking sponsors, donations and product services to advance awareness about Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), otherwise known as Reflective Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD). The 1st Annual Swimming Against the Current event is designed to promote awareness of alternative treatments for chronic pain. I will live stream a

7-hour swim-a-thon on November 17, 2018 in my home-based swim spa. November is CRPS awareness month. It will also commemorate the 7thanniversary of my CRPS diagnosis – an event that forever impacted my life and the lives of my loved ones.

Goals for Swimming Event

  1. Raise funds to promote education, awareness and hope for people diagnosed with this condition through the donation of funds, products and services to RSDSA
  2. Encourage healthcare providers, insurance providers, researchers and employers to support (and pay for) alternative therapies, such as aqua therapy, for CRPS and other chronic pain conditions


RSDSA is a national non-profit organization driven to provide education, support and hope to all those affected by CRPS/RSD while driving research for better treatments and a cure. All donation and products/service donations are tax-deductible.

About CRPS

CRPS/RSD is a neuroinflammatory syndrome characterized by intense chronic pain, swelling, tropic changes, vascular changes, and functional impairment of the limb or affected area. CRPS is considered the most painful of all medical problems – pain that is rated on the McGill Pain Index as worse than cancer, amputation and childbirth. CRPS/RSD is often called the “suicide disease” and is so painful that many people cannot tolerate being touched, hugged or even wearing normal clothes or shoes. There is no cure for CRPS/RSD

Why Give

Outside funding is crucial to creating awareness of CPRS and providing assistance, education, guidance, advocacy and support for people diagnosed with this condition. In addition to funding research for better treatments and a possible cure, RSDSA also provides emergency financial assistance to support people with medical expenses due to disability and loss of careers from CRPS.

  • To make a Donations Click Here.
  • For more information and to become a sponsor of this event, contact/text Konnie Parke at 801-731-2340 or email at swimspalady@gmail.com
  • To become a sponsor or donate make an in-kind donation Click Here.
  • Visit Konnie’s webpage at swimspalady.com. and read a blog by Jenny Picciotto at RSDS.org that outlines my journey thus far.