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The RSDSA provides not only these publications but other information as well for the benefit of our members and the general public. The RSDSA does not endorse any particular treatment/medication/publication/guideline etc. but rather supplies these for the edification/education of the CRPS community. We encourage those who use the information to discuss the same with your physician or provider.

RSDSA has published a number of articles and gathered other information, including research studies, to help individuals and family members to understand this little-known and puzzling syndrome. You may feel free to print out/download content from this page, or call us at 877-662-7737 for paper copies.

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Resource Directory

In Pain and Agonizing Over the Bills
This directory offers advice to those who suffer financial hardship as a result of their pain.

Resources for Veterans with CRPS

Brochures and Cards

Brochures to help you in school, post secondary education, or in the workplace

  • WHEN YOUR CHILD’S PAIN WON’T GO AWAY – It could be Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
    YOU ARE YOUR CHILD’S BEST ADVOCATE. Your child frequently experiences severe pain following an accident, injury or other trauma. It may be accompanied by swelling, changes in skin color, temperature, or limited mobility. He or she is suffering, and other treatments have been ineffective. Worst of all, he or she may not be able to tell you what’s wrong. Your child could have CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) which is also referred to as RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy).
  • Helping Children/Youth With CRPS Succeed in School
    This brochure is designed to help schools accommodate the special needs of children with CRPS is now available online.
  • Getting Through College: A Guide for People Living with CRPS
    Learn how to navigate the college world with RSDSA’s Getting Through College brochure. Included in the brochure: CRPS 101, What to Look for in Colleges, Accommodations That May Be Helpful, and other tips to help you succeed in college!
  • Accommodating Students with CRPS
    Perfect for colleges/universities, Accommodating Students with CRPS details some of the elements of student life that you must consider when assisting a student with CRPS. Included in this brochure: CRPS 101, Challenges for People with CRPS, Suggested Accommodations, and Keys to Success.
  • Taking Control: Gaining Independence with CRPS
    People with CRPS can have independence in their lives. To help people affected by CRPS, we have included various tips and elements to consider about the workplace in this brochure as well as tips that can help you live independently and successfully.

Ketamine Protocol for Managing Pain Flair-ups in the ED

Dental Guidelines for the CRPS Patient: Handle With Care!
Planning a dental procedure? Please read and share with your dental professional.

Emergency Guidelines for the CRPS Patient: Handle With Care!
This sheet contains patient tips and hospital procedures for an emergency room protocol for the CRPS patient. Included are hospital procedures, how to take blood pressure and pulse rate, transport, and patient identification. Don’t leave home without it!

Hospital Guidelines for the CRPS Patient: Handle With Care!
The document lists over two dozen specific suggestions for a care plan in areas including: setting up the patient room, performing medical procedures, taking blood pressure and pulse rate, transporting, feeding, and identifying CRPS patients.

I Have CRPS Cards
This card describes CRPS from the point of view of a person with the syndrome and some suggestions on how others might help. Cards are free. We only ask for a small good-will donation to defray costs and to support our mission.

Living with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
This brochure details the signs and symptoms of CRPS and presents some treatment options.

Treating Complex Regional Pain Syndrome: A Guide to Therapy
Brochure on treating CRPS from an occupational therapist.


Medifocus Guide to Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome
A resource guide for the person with CRPS. Each guide has current and relevant CRPS research organized into categories for easy reading. Free updates are provided for 1 year.

Living with RSDS, written by RSDSA board members Linda Lang and Peter Moskovitz, MD, has been published by New Harbinger Publications, Inc. The 238-page book is the only publication of its kind dedicated to the challenges patients with CRPS face. It includes patient stories and medical information. It includes patient stories and medical information. The book is available from Amazon.com

Physical and Occupational Therapy Publications and Articles
For more PT/OT Resources, click here.

Treating Complex Regional Pain Syndrome: A Guide to Therapy
A brochure on treating CRPS from an occupational therapist.


Aquatic Therapy: Should You Fear to Tread…Water?