Easy Ways to Give to a Charity

Published on July 9, 2015 under Fundraising

By Samantha Barrett, RSDSA’s Special Events Fundraiser

A question that we get frequently is: “How can I give to the community?” There are plenty of very easy ways to give back that can be a part of things you do every day! These methods don’t just apply to RSDSA, but to several different charities and causes.

Goodsearch.com is your new best friend (http://www.goodsearch.com)!    Google is running our world, but GoodSearch will get you the same results, all while donating to charity! Go to the website and click “Find A Cause to Support.”  You can then search for your favorite cause (including RSDSA). Once you select the cause, you can sign in with Facebook or with an email address. Then, happy searching! Look up anything you would search on Google and each time you do, the charity you chose will get a donation!

AmazonSmile is a great way to give back. Most people do their online shopping through Amazon.com. If you visit https://smile.amazon.com, your shopping can give back to a charity of your choice (yes, RSDSA is on there). In the “Your Account” tab, there will be an option to add a charity or change your charity. Pick the charity you want, and then shop away! A portion of your purchase price will go to the organization of your choice every time you shop through AmazonSmile. Bonus: you don’t have to reselect the charity each time, it will remember!

Macy’s Shop for A Cause has been a wonderful fundraiser for multiple organizations over the past 10 years. RSDSA has been participating in this for quite a few years. Certain organizations take part in this, including RSDSA. You can buy a coupon for yourself or as a gift for $5. You can use this coupon on Saturday, August 29, 2015 at your local Macy’s. This coupon saves you 25% all day in the store (10% off on electronics, watches, furniture, mattresses, and rugs).  Buying these coupons benefits the organization you are buying them from! If you want to buy from RSDSA, visit http://bit.ly/1NWmee0 or email Sue at suepinkham@comcast.net.

Do you sell things on eBay? You can give a portion of what you make to an organization of your choice. When you list the auction, name the charity of your choice as a beneficiary for a percentage of your choosing! If you want to choose RSDSA, this is the link: http://ebay.to/1Cs1tp1

Have you seen the collection canisters in stores where you can put some change in? That’s an option too! Just get a store to agree to allow you to put a can out and we can provide you with something to put around the canister!

If you’re getting married (congratulations!) you can create a charity registry where you can encourage guests to donate to charities that are close to your heart as a wedding gift!  The I Do Foundation has been a great way to great a registry of organizations.  Instead of getting six different blenders, you can get people to donate to somewhere that you feel will benefit from extra funding!  What a great way to celebrate your wedding! Here is the link to the website: http://bit.ly/1HioV7a

Of course, you can always plan an event if you are up to it. Whether you want to organize a walk or if you want to have an ultimate Frisbee tournament, events are great ways to help fundraise and raise awareness for your favorite charity. At RSDSA, you can contact Sammie at SBarrett@rsds.insctest1.com for some guidance on how to put your event together!

No matter what you do, remember that every penny makes a difference for any charity you give to. Even considering donating is huge! It is even better when you can combine charity with tasks you do daily! Whoever would have thought shopping could be so philanthropic?

Have an idea that you don’t see on here? Let us know at info@rsds.insctest1.com or SBarrett@rsds.insctest1.com.


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